Saturday, 20 April 2013

The chicken whisperer

Four chickens escaped from their hut and were seen having the time of their lives pecking the soil around this man while he was digging.
I was on my way home, but I had to make sure the chickens were safe, so I went back and got Nick, who, with Taffy, had about thirty chickens in a big run on their allotment. Nick came and caught them and put them back. How he caught them was by stalking them till he was within pouncing distance, then grabbing their tail, picking them up, then holding them upside-down by their legs.
He put them back in their hut, which he said was "the Geordie's". Apparently it was the Geordie who caused all that trouble a couple of years ago. Nick said he was a thief, and stole his and Taffy's chicken feed, and he didn't look after his chickens properly. It was he who had left them without water, which was when Taffy "stole" them and put them in his own run and said he wouldn't give them back unless the Geordie promised to look after them properly.
I don't know this man's name, or what plot number he is on. It's down the bottom. This is the second year he's been on it.
Nick says he sold his chickens and now has only got three bantams left "for the kids". He said the price of chicken feed went up and he was only just breaking even selling his eggs, and it wasn't worht all the work, especially coming down twice a day in winter in the snow.

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