Saturday, 7 February 2009

More snow

I walked down the allotment today just to drop off some compost. It was really an excuse to walk through some virgin snow again. Someone had driven and someone else walked down the main track, but the other track was untrodden - all my footsteps of the other day had been filled in by another fall of snow. All there were were the barely-visible prints of cats, the loping stride of foxes, and the patterings of crows and pigeons.
On my way home, I saw these catkins - reminder that this will soon be over, and that spring is on the way.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


I went for a walk down the allotment in the snow this afternoon. I could tell from the footprints that I was only the second person who had been there. It was wonderful walking in the virgin snow. There were lots of tracks of birds and foxes.
Nothing was visible through the snow on the Cat Alloment. I examined the purple-sprouting broccoli on the Salvation Army allotment, and it seems to be being eaten by something - probably the pigeons, but also possibly by some sort of grub. It was badly attacked by both caterpillars and whitefly last summer, so maybe it's the grubs of one of those. Anyway, it's affecting the florets badly - they look as if they'll be useless. You never know, though, they might turn out all right when it gets a bit warmer.