Monday, 29 September 2008

The Bramble Patch (No. 71)

I talked to Nobby on Saturday about my plans for the Cat allotment, and he let me take a photo of him for my blog.

His plot is no. 71. He said when he got it a couple of years ago, half of it was covered with brambles, hence its name, "The Bramble Patch". He told me the roots were brown and stringy like those I'm finding on my allotment (but not the same), and turned black when dug up. I'm considering putting weedkiller on mine over the winter. I want to find out the name of the weedkiller Lawrence D. Hills used to recommend, which breaks down in the soil in about six weeks. I think it was called ammonium sulphamate. I don't want to use one that'll linger for years. It will be expensive to do the whole plot, but worth it, I think. Save me months of backbreaking work.

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